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Vinnare i Bonnier Sales Awards

Publicerad: 19 Mars 2012, 10:00

I helgen korades vinnarna i Bonniers interna tävling Bonnier Sales Awards:

Årets Rookie

Jennifer Girhammar, Bonnier Tidskrifter

Motivering: ”Jennifer has a high energy level that rubs off on her team. With a fearless and hard-working attitude, she takes on the tasks at hand, big or small. Her curious nature and focus on finding the best solutions for her customers have helped her find synergies that maximize customer results.”

Pris: 3000 euro och plats

Övriga finalister: Jonas Nilsson, TV4 Sverige and Gustav Thuman, Dagens Nyheter.

Årets säljchef

Fredrik Sundberg, TV4

Motivering: ”Fredrik ‘walks the talk’ in every way. He is a leader who makes sure that the team meets its goals no matter what. His leadership is focused on structure, skill development and individual coaching, and is very appreciated and effective. His sense for business and customer needs is his trademark.”

Pris: 10 000 euro.

Övriga finalister: Joakim Francke, SF Media and Helena Taube Rehnmark, Bonnier Publications Sweden.

Årets säljare:

David Ginsberg, Bonnier Corporation

Motivering: ”David has the ability to be a vital part of the team, even when on the road. He makes business fun and easy with a relaxed attitude that others envy. He often gets what he wants by turning conflict into a conversation. And his structured way of working the field and prioritizing the correct accounts has really paid off.”

Pris: 10 000 euro.

Övriga finalister:  Robert Andersson, Dagens Nyheter; Karolina Karlsson, Bink; Tobias Kungberg, SF Media; and Carl-Johan Löfvenborg, TV4.

Axel Andén


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Genom att skicka in mina uppgifter godkänner jag Bonnier Business Media AB:s (BBM) allmänna villkor. Jag har även tagit del av BBM:s personuppgiftspolicy.