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Jung utsedd till årets konsult

Publicerad: 8 Februari 2011, 08:08
Uppdaterad: 6 December 2015, 15:22

Pr-byrån Jung har utsetts till ”Nordic Consultancy of the Year” av Holmes Report.

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Motiveringen lyder: ”Jung defines PR as ’personal relations,’ an approach designed to help brands establish intimate and lasting connections with their consumers via a range of tactics that includes both traditional and digital media relations, social networking and experiential marketing. It’s an approach that demands high levels of audience insight and innovation, which Jung has demonstrated to great effect in recent years, earning Sabre and other awards recognition, most notably for its work on behalf of flagship client Absolut, for which it is global agency of record. The firm has also attracted a portfolio of clients that spans consumer goods categories from food and beverage to electronics to fashion, entertainment and the arts, including Absolut Vodka, Sony Ericsson, Electrolux, Microsoft and Spendrups, with new additions over the past 12 months including Telia, Hyper Island, X-box, Procordia, and Lambi. In addition to growth in digital and social media, Jung has increasingly found itself being selected to provide broad corporate and marketing communications support to clients”.

The Holmes report ligger bland annat bakom pr-tävlingen Sabre Awards.

Madeleine Nilsson



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