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"If you think agency sizematters - think again"

Publicerad: 22 maj 2009, 09:55
Uppdaterad: 6 december 2015, 16:32

<b>DEBATT. </b>Storleken har inte alltid betydelse, skriver Asif Ansari, kreativ chef på Duffy Agency.

Independent agencies around the world are getting increasingly involved in creating strategy and creative work that travel beyond the borders of their country.

More independent agency heads are coming to the realization that if they partner with other like-minded agencies, they can not only successfully compete with the Goliaths and win, they can also provide better value to clients. This has led to the rise of the phenomenon of the independent agency network.

With partners on the ground in virtually every country around the world, a networked independent agency can help a client comfortably take a brand global. But the network doesn't just give an independent agency reach. With some networks like TAAN, that we're a part of, members regularly meet to share knowledge and insights on consumer and market trends. It's common knowledge that the media landscape is rapidly changing, thanks to the Internet and social media. Quickly capitalizing on the latest opportunities becomes vital if you want to stay close to your consumers.

A smaller independent agency by its very nature possesses the nimble feet it takes to successfully navigate these changes. And when several such agencies join forces to form a network, they may be able to provide better value to their clients than the old-fashioned, multi-national conglomerates.

Having spent most of my career in large agencies with headquarters on Madison Avenue, I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of talent and the passion that exists within independent agencies when I participated in my first TAAN meeting in 2007.

Earlier this month, I spent three days at a TAAN global summit in Copenhagen. Forty-seven of us, principals of independent agencies from around the world, met to strengthen our partnership, share strategies, learn how we could leverage social media to better serve our clients, and drink beer.

For all you sceptics out there, let me say this: The idea of the independent agency network is not all theory. Just this morning I've returned from the studio after finalizing and approving a series of tv spots we've helped create for Scandinavia and the Benelux region for one of Europe's biggest marketers.

The client chose us because they realized we had the skills and the competency to do a more efficient job of launching their brand beyond the borders of Sweden. Over the last nine months, we've set up a bespoke network with our TAAN partners in Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands for this product. Even as you read this, the spots will be on air in Sweden.

So while big network agencies are still indulging in a bit of soul-searching to figure out the 'new agency' model, the independent agency networks are already doing it. If you think agency size matters in creating an effective global campaign, think again. And if you don't have the war chest you think you need to market your brand across borders, reconsider that as well. A little independent agency teamwork can go a long way…;-)

Asif Ansari

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